The right Environment

The Plan

We're planning to open the first 24/7 powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting based gym in the lower Blue Mountains or Nepean region (Western Sydney, NSW, Australia). Here's what you'd have access to as a member:

Never wait for a squat rack again

Sick of training in commercial gyms? Waiting for strength equipment? At Madhouse Barbell you will find multiple squat racks, powerlifting approved bench presses and deadlifting platforms. No more time wasted sitting around waiting.

Open 24/7

A specialised gym open 24/7 to meet your needs any time of day. Staffed occasionally, open constantly.

No Noise Restrictions

When it comes to any form of weightlifting, we get it - to reach your potential you have to train hard. Even if a side effect of that is dropping weights, breathing loudly and making noise. Unlike many other gyms, this is allowed at Madhouse Barbell. In fact, it's welcomed, because it means you're doing your best.

Specialist Environment

To be the best you can be, you must always be challenging yourself. At Madhouse Barbell you will find the right environment to meet your goals. You will be surrounded by like-minded people, who have an interest in strength training. Together we'll really make this a club - not just a gym.

Long-term: Online Community

Once the gym itself is up and running, we'll launch an online community for members. You'll be able to log in and track your gym visits, list your personal records, share photos and videos with others, post in the forum and learn from blog posts from strength coaches specialising in everything from powerlifting to Olympic Weightlifting.

Long-term: Merchandise and Clothing

Eventually we'll not only offer a hand-picked selection of supplements, pre-workouts and snacks, but also branded Madhouse merchandise - competition approved clothing and equipment, towels, gym clothes for men and women, the lot.

Follow the Journey

Do you live near the lower Blue Mountains or Nepean area? Would you be interested in joining the Barbell Club? Sign up to our mailing list and we'll keep you updated as we build Madhouse Barbell Club from the ground up.
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